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Assistant Director - Security Operations

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 19, 2024


Wouldn't you like to be part of an organization that respects and values all of its people? Where each person can make a difference and be heard because every person's role in the organization is important? At Arrow Security, we challenge our people in a beneficial way to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to offer the best compensation, benefits, flexibility and unique perks possible while promoting a positive work life balance. At Arrow, we understand how important this is to our people. And our people are important to us.

Here is some of what we offer our valued security staff:

  • Weekly Pay!
  • We work to get you the best schedule! Part time, Full time
  • Employee PERKS Program - Amazing discounts on everyday purchases!


  1. 10p-6am Wednesday-Sunday = 40 hours
  2. 2p-10p Monday - Friday = 40 hours
  3. 2p-10p Saturday and Sunday, 10p-6am Monday and Tuesday =32 hours
  • Able to manage and lead 60 staff members per shift
  • Conflict resolution skill set
  • Highly Skilled in De-escalation tactics
  • Crowd Control skill set
  • Able top lead and coach to performance
  • Effective report writing

Job Requirements

  • 10 years Previous Law Enforcement experience required
  • Ability to manager 50+ employees
  • Strong customer service skills, excellent communication skills
  • WinTeam experience preferred
  • F02 certificate
  • Former LEO / Military background

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