Fire Protection & Plumbing Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
September 6, 2023

WSP is currently initiating a search for a Fire Protection and Plumbing Engineer for our New York City, NY office.


  • Collect, compile, and analyze data from the physical work site, surveys, blueprints, schematics, data, technical drawings, computer-generated reports, and other matrices for project development, design, and construction.    
  • Perform professional plumbing engineering work and conduct research and inspections of proposed and existing site conditions, equipment, resources, building, infrastructure, and usage; and installing plumbing, re protection and suppression, and uid ow systems to determine conform with applicable rules, standards, and construction or operating permits.
  • Participate in incorporating advanced technology, modeling techniques, concept development, design requirements, load calculations, and operating strategies to account for the proper installation and functioning of equipment and systems according to specications; implementing future-ready solutions with plumbing engineering design standards.
  • Work as an individual or as part of a cross-functional team of engineers, planners, and scientic professionals to execute project work, assist with laying out installation of equipment, calculating costs and quantities of material/equipment/labor, and ensuring project work conforms with specications, permit applications, schematics, compliance documentation, and regulatory and technical analysis memos.
  • Prepare data and visualizations such as tables, charts, accurate reports, sketches, calculations, technical drawings, spreadsheets, and illustrations for the interpretation or presentation of data, findings, or analyses
  • Maintain quality control standards and procedures for accurate and precise measurements and calculations, statistical analysis, and reporting.
  • Assist with development and scoping of small- to medium-sized projects.
  • Contribute to the preparation of technical reports and presentations that explain research and findings to improve, prevent, control, restore, or address design and/or construction issues or
  • Conduct engineering studies and surveys to gain further information on a particular design and construction problem or issue and/or to plan for future needs.
  • Assist in the analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of data obtained during site investigations, offering input with developing action plans for low to mid-level risk mitigation activities.
  • Work collaboratively with other engineers, architects, and building and infrastructure authorities on Federal, State, regional, and locally funded improvement and development projects.
  • Exercise responsible and ethical decision-making regarding company funds, resources and conduct, and adhere to WSP’s Code of Conduct and related policies and procedures.
  • Perform additional responsibilities as required by business needs.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Plumbing or Mechanical Engineering, or closely related discipline.
  • 3 to 5 years of relevant post education experience in engineering discipline and prior plumbing and mechanical design experience.
  • Revit experience.
  • Engineer in Training Certication.
  • Knowledge of plumbing and mechanical engineering principles, practices, process, design/build, and the application to project work-related issues.
  • Experience with building and infrastructure planning, design, and construction management; including rehabilitation and new design.
  • Ability to coordinate with agency regulators and understand requirements.
  • Knowledge of relevant plumbing and mechanical system and construction laws, codes, regulations, compliance practices, and record-keeping requirements.
  • Capable interpersonal and communication skills when interacting with others, expressing ideas effectively and professionally to an engineering and non-engineering audience.
  • Effective self-leadership with attention to detail, results orientation, and managing multiple priorities in a dynamic work environment.
  • Ability to learn new techniques, perform multiple tasks simultaneously, follow instruction, work independently, and comply with company policies.
  • Moderate prociency with technical writing, oce automation, software, technology, math principles, predictive models, spreadsheets, and tools.
  • Experience with discipline-specic design software (i.e., AutoCAD, Revit).
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to apply technical knowledge to reach conclusions from testing results, data collation, load calculations, statistical analysis and arriving at the most effective, economical, and logical solution.
  • Proven track record of upholding workplace safety and ability to abide by WSP’s health, safety and drug/alcohol and harassment policies.
  • Ability to work schedules conducive to project-specific requirements that may extend beyond the typical workweek.
  • Occasional travel may be required depending on project-specific requirements.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Engineering.
  • Essential Professional Licensure/Certification.

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