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Fire Marshall II-Fire Safety ( Engineering )

Job Description

Posted on: 
June 11, 2024

Fire Marshall II-Mount Sinai Hospital

The Fire Marshal II is a fully licensed individual (holding all required credentials) who promotes public safety and hospital policy through implementation and enforcement of fire and life safety codes and standards. Provides and conducts educational activities in fire and life safety. Inspects, maintains and tests fire equipment, responding to alarms, and assisting inspection agencies. Has successfully passed an FDNY F-89 On-Site Exam for one (1) Mount Sinai Propert


  • Ensures compliance with NYC LL5 requirements in regards to maintaining and updating established fire safety plans. This includes maintaining the list of fire response team members and their corresponding training to be on the fire response team.
  • Ensure fire wardens have signed in for each floor on a daily basis.
  • Train other fire marshals as part of the fire brigade to be competent when responding to an emergency as well as building operation.
  • Operates and inspects fire alarm system including associated panels, smoke detectors, sprinklers, flow alarms, manual fire alarm stations and firefighting equipment including extinguishers, standpipe hose lines, masks, etc., when necessary.
  • Responds to all fire alarms, malfunctions, assorted alarm problems and investigates gas smells, leaks, burning odors, etc., keep records on all fires and major incidents including causes, losses and operations.
  • May supervise fire response team, security personnel, staff, visitors and patients during fire emergency situations and maintains or initiates communication with boiler room, engineering desk, Security and Telecommunications department.
  • Conducts ongoing employee orientation, fire safety classes and fire drill training and other training sessions;
  • Analyzes and critiques potential liabilities and makes recommendations and improvements as necessary.
  • Interprets and applies all applicable fire safety codes/regulations.
  • Conducts independent inspections of construction projects, establishes interim Life Safety Measures and follow-up inspections during construction periods and assists government agencies with inspections.
  • Be familiar and conduct ongoing inspections for all construction work in assigned building.
  • Notify Management regarding, vendors and individuals for not following mandatory fire safety protocol and procedures.
  • Report any issues to fire safety management and work together to correct.
  • Conducts environment of care rounds, inspects sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, automatic extinguishing systems, emergency lights, exit ways, standpipe, exit stairs, doors, lights, linen chutes, etc., on a monthly or quarterly basis; maintaining documentation for inspection, testing and maintenance of fire systems, fire extinguishers and hoses.
  • Creates and maintains incident reports, work orders and violation orders.
  • Remains current and knowledgeable in all New York City Fire Safety codes and regulations, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Codes, Department of Health (DOH), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • Mentors less experienced fire safety personnel.
  • Conducts operational shutdowns of fire suppression systems for inspection and testing.
  • Performs other duties as required.

Job Requirements


  • HS diploma, GED required, Associates degree preferred.
  • 3 years required (higher preferred) relevant experience for licensure, including fire investigation, inspection and prevention
  • Current FDNY certification of fitness: F01, F03, F04, F07 and/or W07, S12, S13, S14, S95, along with FDNY F-89 licensure and certified for one (1) MSH building.

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