Metropolitan Transportation Authority

System Safety Specialist Trainee I and II, Environmental Protection

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 16, 2024

Job Information:

Title:                                System Safety Specialist Trainee Levels I - II (Environmental Protection)
First date of Posting:      10/10/2023
Last date of filing:           Open Until Filled
Authority:                        OA
Department:                    Safety & Security
Division/Unit:                  System Safety/Environmental Protection
Reports to:                      Manager, Environmental Protection
Work Location:                2 Broadway, Manhattan
Hours of Work:                As required


Salary Range (OA):

System Safety Specialist Trainee SS1: $45,674 - $51,876
System Safety Specialist Trainee SS2: $49,323 - $58,730


The System Safety Specialist Trainee will report to the Manager, Environmental Protection. Duties include but are not limited to: Assisting with the management of the hazardous waste, infectious waste, lamp disposal or sampling/analysis contract. Assisting with the preparation and /or review of air pollution permits. Assisting with the performance of field surveys and review of facility records to determine compliance with various environmental regulations and NYCT Policies. Assisting with the preparation of comprehensive reports on environmental compliance issues, including recommendations. Assisting with the review and interpretation of existing and proposed environmental regulations. Analyses of programs and policies to ensure NYCT compliance with environmental regulations. This position will support the environmental compliance efforts of the MTA Bus Company. Must be available for emergency response duties (in company vehicle) and have a valid Driver's license.

Job Requirements

System Safety Specialist Trainee I:

A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college in engineering, fire safety, environmental or occupational safety, ergonomics, statistics, mathematics, chemical, physical or biological sciences, industrial hygiene, safety management or a related field.

System Safety Specialist Trainee II:

Completion of 1 year of satisfactory service at Step 1 or a master’s degree in one of the fields of study mentioned in "1" above.

Desired Skills:

Participation as team member in identifying aspects and impacts, developing objectives and targets, monitoring and measurement of NYCT Environmental Management System Program is desired. Must have familiarity with Windows, Word, Excel, and Access.

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